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About the Red Skull
The Red Skull is a psychic emanation from the fifth dimension (actually the corner of 5th Dimension & Oak Street). It is not a physical object, but is insubstantial. It communicates psychically with those sensitive to its essence. The jpeg representation on these pages is not, unfortunately, an actual picture of the Red Skull. The actual apparition of the Red Skull causes insanity in a substantial portion of the human population, and as much as the Skull loves driving normals insane, the temporal maintainers of this site feel it's best to use a graphic instead.

The Red Skull was discovered in this universe by Xenome, an alien intelligence who frequently posesses physical beings on Earth in order to post to usenet and maintain the Skull's page, although Xenome does not recommend obeying the Red Skull.

The Red Skull's thoughts on...

more to come...

Racism: There only one color of skin pigmentation. Some have lots. Some have little. Who cares? Skull has no skin. Your gene pool has certain stagnant coves where groups have similar features. Everyone has some amount of similarity, and some amount of individuality. This has nothing to do with values. Spread out, mix it around little, sure. But don't place value on certain traits over another. You just as frail as everyone else. Basic command for racists: stop blaming others for your own problems, overcome your problems instead.

Monogamy: Based on fear, insecurity, jealousy, and guilt; not love. Love infinite, not finite - it does not divide amongst many objects, but multiplies. The more you love, the more love you have to give. Skull not promoting indiscriminate promiscuity. Skull call loving many 'Polyamory,' faithful to many 'Panfidelity.'