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The Praeternatural Pomposity of the Red Skull
(The Red Skull answers your questions)

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Here are the Red Skull's latest answers:

Is Talk.Bizarre?
Talk not as bizarre as some would like. But everything bizarre if you think about it. Talk worth nothing if not inspire actions.
Usenet, like TV, as good as those who use it.

Dear Skull , can God make a stone so heavy , he won't be able to lift it??
Not only CAN god make stones too heavy for god to lift, but god also lifts them all the time.
God so incomprehensible that not even god understands it.

Past answers:

Will i be a rich someday, and when???
More important questions: what will you do to get rich? and what will you do with riches? If skull say yes, do you sit back and wait, or do you work even harder toward your goals? Make yourself bigger in mind, bigger in respect, Do What You Mean, and riches secondary.

Does god exist??
"God" very loaded word. Laws of physics, rhythmic functioning of universe does exist. Universal mind with plans and judgements exists not. Each sentient being their own god, center of their own universe, with the power and responsibility to construct their own plan, their own meaning. This much harder and more disturbing than relying on god. Skull has spoken.

my question is. what does my future look like? concerning love, money, kids, stuff like that. thanks
Your future looks like giant Rorschach inkblot, waiting for you to imbue it with meaning and fill it with deeds of worth.

who are you my dear skull. And can you give me the answer how we can make this planet a perfect place?
Read 'Skullery' by clicking on picture of Red Skull. Perfect Earth impossible and unnecessary. Everyone has different definition of perfect. Difficulties and challenges necessary to provide friction for energy generation and contrast for meaning.

[what is lotto numbers this sat]
02-12-15-23-15-05. Of course numbers encrypted with super cosmic Skull algorithm.

What is the meaning of life?
Meaning a creative act. There no such thing as "meaning" apart from mind. Thus, there no inherent meaning in life. Western culture trains people to look for meaning, not all peoples do this. This should be liberating, not depressing. Hassan i Sabbah said "Nothing is true, everything is permissible." Aleister Crowley wrote "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." Yeshua ben Yosif said "The kingdom of heaven is within you." Reflect on these words.

why am i so depressed?
Try creating beauty and meaning around you. Stand up and take command of your destiny. Life is D.I.Y., whatever you make of it. A good support structure helps. Find tribe of your essence. Bom Sankar!

[The Skull was speaking of existential dissatisfaction. Clinical depression is a treatable emotional disorder. If you are unsure or feel you need help, please seek medical advice from a trained professional. -Xenome]

how to make methamphetamine
Making it from ephedrine or pseudoephedrine possible. Only difference between methamphetamine and (pseudo)ephedrine damn alpha-hydroxy group. Reacting your ephedrine with thionyl chloride replaces OH with Cl to produce N-methyl-alpha-chloroamphetamine as an intermediate. Hydrogenating product easy: use lithium aluminum hydride, sodium borohydride, or even hydrogen gas with nickel or platinum metal as catalyst. Product of this step is N-methylamphetamine and HCl. Evaporate off water and you have methamphetamine hydrochloride. Short answer: *you* can't.

When will I find love? Will Gary ever love me?
You will find love when you stop looking in Gary. Love comes from yourself, not others. Love creative act, not prize to be gained. Gary does not matter in your quest for love. Gary may also read this, substituting his object's name for his. Skull has spoken.

oh skull! are you related to scully from the x-files? do you swap her body back and forth between yourselves? which is better, the chick shaped peeps or the bunny ones? are you the driving force behind all magic eight balls? since you are red, when you get the blues, do you look purple?
Watching too much TV will give you concussion. I have never seen peep shaped like attractive girl, but pink bunny ones abomination to sensibility and must be destroyed. Skull command all LRS to avoid eating pink bunny peeps. Magic 8-ball (surprise, surprise) RANDOM! Magic 8-ball inside joke of bad invading aliens who responsible for all government coverups and conspiracies. Skull never sad, but can look purple if needed.

How can I find my parton deity? And why do I love mint chocolate chip ice cream?
Dolly Parton priestess of Astarte. Skull made joke. Skull knows you mean PATRON which opposite Astarte and Parton. Sure you want deity with phallus? Skull recommend play the field. Study all traditions in which you have interest. Find which god-forms speak to your heart of hearts. Look for your one true pantheon, not one true god. Mint and chocolate good surprising contrast. You like the interplay of differential. Not opposites, mind you. Skull prefer vinegar and chocolate.

Can you take home the bacon and fry it up in a pan?
Skull does not advocate the harming of police officers, unless they’re about to shoot you.

Ok Skull, When a person looks out at the stars and sees the milky way, are we looking towards the center or towards the outside? have you ever injected yourself with a whole bunch of scopalomine? What happened to your body?
Inside? Outside? Stars exist way out there, in my brain. Think on this when you look at the stars. A reflexive spiral that goes in and out to infinity. Wow, man, good scopalomine! Skull never had a body. Skull manifestation from the corner of 5th Dimension and Oak Street.

Is the Necronomicon real?
Skull expecting this question. Necronomicon example of planned mythology. It exists in twilight between reality, falsehood, and imagination. Truth big place inaccessible by average human mind. Mass published copies fakes. But this does not mean they have no value, although they useless to most. Most straightforward answer: you will never see one, but keep looking.
Skull commands all readers to view an excellent Necronomicon site

What was Sartre trying to prove?
You are solely to blame for anything that happens to you. This includes good things.

What is the differente between theological, philosophical nd scientific questions?
Theological way of looking at the world based on god doctrine, faith. Philosophical way of looking at the world based on fundamental nature of humen and how to base decisions of behaving. Scientific way of looking at the world based on observing and measuring. Anthropologist answer: no difference.

Which Spanish architect designed the church of the holy family in Barcelona Spain?
Antonio Gaudi

what, if any, is the purpose of art?
Art makes Skull live in beauty. Beauty add health to mind, good mind health facilitate body health. (So Skull hear. Never had body.) Some art not beautiful but make questions of meaning. This make mind learn, add to philosophy. Some art just plain junk. This kind has neither purpose nor use.

Cannot remember the answer to this one... A room, 2 exits, 2 guards, 1 question, 1 way out. 1 exit leads to freedom, the other to damnation, which is which. 1 guard will tell the truth, the other will lie, who's who..what question will you ask?
Can I have some strawberries?

What type of algebra did George Boole invent and how does it relate to propositional logic and predicate calculus.
Boole discover blue-green algebra in his pond.

How does a person stop obsessive thoughts? Are there ways one can control one's own mind to be less annoying?
Give in to the dark side of the force... Skull wants you to obey your thoughts...

[note from Xenome's lawyers: What the skull actually means by this is that it's best not to try to stop them, simply observe them and let them pass. Letting go is an essential skill to develop in life. Various forms of meditation are very helpful for this. If you feel you need outside help with your thoughts or emotions, you can get advice from any mental health professional or behavioral health center.]

Do you have any advice for a girl who just happened to end up with the most beautiful roommate on our whole college campus? She makes me feel inadequate
If you find her attractive, ask her out.

What makes youthink you are so brilliant and have all the answers?
You do not trifle with the Red Skull. You are falling down and getting a concussion.

By the way, what's the best way to peel a banana?
Freudian Skull likes girls obsessed with uncovering bananas!

I have an incredible fear of bugs. Ladybugs, cockroaches, wasps, anything. But my worst fear is of spiders and scorpions. I live in Arizona, and they are both common here. I'm terrified that they are going to bite me and I'll die. What can I do to get over my fear?
Bugs good and needed. Bugs till the soil. They pollinate the pretty flowers and tasty fruits. Nasty bugs make good totems for vengeance. Spiders and Scorpions are not insects, although they are arthropods. Skull likes arthropods.

If an object moved faster than light, what would happen?
Red Skull commands that any time any object moves faster than light ever in history, it will happen always. Oh, and you get a concussion.

Why do I always check your page before I start my week?
Because some people find Red Skull irresistable. These are welcome to join the Legion of the Red Skull and swear obedience to me beyond death.